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The Kenilworth Footpath Preservation Group, working closely with the Countryside Recreation department of Warwickshire County Council strive to keep over 100 miles of public rights of way open.


In springtime this can be difficult since the vegetation grows very quickly. In 2018 the group purchased two heavy duty  battery operated hedge trimmers and a heavy duty strimmer to help speed up the work. These have been purchased using money gained from the sale of our walks book  Kenilworth and Beyond.


Please support the group and get your copy now.

Warwickshire County Council have the objective of making public footpaths easier to negotiate and where paths cross boundaries they have a priority list for best practice.


  • Gaps
  • Gates
  • Kissing Gates
  • Stiles


Up until a couple of years ago WCC funding enabled the KFPG to replace stiles with gates and kissing gates, even if the stile was sound. However funding cuts now mean that stiles are only replaced now when they become unsound.


In 2018 the KFPG started to fund the production and installation of roadside fingerposts using money gained from the sale of our walks book  Kenilworth and Beyond.


This has resulted in the installation of roadside fingerposts in Kenilworth, Leek Wootton, Hill Wootton, Blackdown and Ashow. These show the destination and distance in miles.

This work will be expanded to other villages in the area.


The tasks we carry out, such as installing posts, kissing gates and bridges, together with path clearance, are suitable for all levels of ability and fitness so everyone can contribute. All tools are supplied. We always welcome additional helpers, why not join us?

The path numbers are those shown in our  walks book.  Kenilworth and Beyond and on the WCC definitive rights of way map.

Improvements made during 2023

November - Walk S - Path W48

Rowington - Two new waymark posts installed

October - Walk H - Path W150

Wappenbury - Three new waymark posts installed and a footbridge was cleared of branches

September - Walk F - Path W184

Haseley Green - The hedgerows on the enclosed path were cut back and three new waymark posts installed.

August - Walk J & Walk S- Path W47

Rowington - Three new waymark posts installed on walk S and cutting back on walk J.

July - Walk S - Path W47a

Mouseley End - Stile step repair.

June - Walk N - Path W223

Leek Wootton - Three new waymark posts installed.

May - Walk N - Path W223

Leek Wootton - Three new waymark posts installed.

April - Walk G - Path W179a

Leek Wootton - Cutting back on 325m of woodland path.

March - Walk B - Path W172

Blackdown - Waymark post reinstatement.

March - Walk N - Path K19

Kenilworth - Waymark post reinstatement.

February - Walk Z - Path 150a

Bubbenhall - Cutting back on 350m of enclosed path.